Architecture changes the landscapes, modifies our environment and determines our life. The space created by mankind on a drawing board can have direct influence in the individual’s comfort. As well as the management of the empty spaces, through the design of an Urban Planning. The organisation of its structure and the complex relationship among all the elements of that life machine determine and affect a big part of our daily activity.

For that reason, the Architect’s responsibility is relevant in terms of civil service, and therefore it must emerge from the private circles to the profession, opening a new mode of dialogue with society.

made02 Architecture Studio is thoroughly aware of the necessity of a change of approach to the clients and towards society. We bet for an architectural quality compromise beyond circumstances.

The taste for coherence in sensitive and comprehensive ideas, from the paper to the environment, as well as the conviction that a good architecture design requires necessarily a great realisation, are some of the main motivations to believe in the made02 project.

With the launch of made02, we offer an Architecture Studio with a global vocation that covers all the ranges of design and management in order to transform necessities and wishes into optimal solutions with the best architecture. 

The possibility to provide each client a real customised service as an alternative to certain persistent problems of our area -and do it betting for an accessible architecture to everyone, simplifying a process which is complex by nature in order to obtain a satisfying high-quality product: these are our best assets.


Fco. Javier Rojano Orusco

Madrid, January 5, 1979

Javier was born in the neighbourhood of Fuente del Berro. Javier is fully in love with the Madrilenian-style architecture and with the vitality emitted by every corner in the city of Gran Vía, Prado and Recoletos, Latina and Retiro, Villanueva and Gutiérrez Soto.
He studied at the piarist Calasancios school and then he attended University San Pablo CEU of Madrid, where he obtained a degree in Architecture. Besides, he completed his academic studies in Technical Architecture at the Technical University of Madrid.
Javier started his professional activity in 2005, collaborating with engineering companies and making designs related with the industrial architecture. Shortly afterwards he got a scholarship from the multidisciplinary engineering and architecture company Ingenor Siglo XXI, in which he collaborated developing residential architecture final designs. He also participated in tenders for public buildings, like the new Public Library of Córdoba (finalist design).
He developed an intense activity in the field of luxury housing while he was working at Janiferal, a property investment company. There he specialised doing comprehensive designs of high-class residential products, signing over twenty projects related with the rehabilitation of unique buildings.
Afterwards, he collaborated with studios like Trasbordo doing final designs of primary schools for children. Additionally, he also collaborated with property investment and management companies developing studies on viability and sustainability, as well as working in team management projects in the new construction of buildings.

Eva Vázquez de la Torre Gaspar

[Madrid, October 13, 1983]

Her passion for architecture started during her first years at university, specially in the Projects subject. It was there where she developed a deep interest in spaces, in details and in that architectonic “turn of the screw” that she enjoys in all aspects, from the general volume to that particular chair inside the last space.

She studied at the F.E.M. school and then she attended University San Pablo CEU of Madrid, where she obtained a degree in Architecture. During her last year at university, she obtained the 3rd local prize at the 3rd edition of the Schindler Spain awards of Architecture. By means of specialisation and different kinds of education, she widened her knowledge about different design, layout and infographic programmes.

She also worked as a special collaborator and person in charge of the graphic area in Miramusei, where she made development and documentation designs through infographics about the main European museums, such as Reina Sofía, El Prado, Thyssen-Bornemisza or the British Museum among others. 

Since 2010 she specialised in residential and sanitary architecture working for BC Arquitectos Studio.

There she developed more than 50 sanitary designs of different specialities, as well as minor ambulatory surgery centers. She also collaborated writing numerous basic and final designs, both free and subsidised housing. Not for nothing, she was an essential part in the design and writing of VPPB (Spanish acronym for Basic Public Subsidised Housing) designs for more than 400 homes and commercial offices during the last years.
made02 offers you the possibility of making your dreams come true summing up the necessary efforts and minimising yours.

Today, you can easily accomplish that family investment wish, that search for professional spaces for your business, the ground on which you are planning to make real an ambitious real-estate investment project.

Our Tailormade service gives you the chance to satisfy in a simplified way your ideas through our knowledge, our team and our total effort at the client’s service.